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Pricing Information

Transparency in our costs

Clear communication is central to everything we do at Kippen Campbell.  Whilst the quality of our work is most important to our clients and potential clients, we appreciate that clarity regarding the fees and outlays we charge is also of significance. Kippen Campbell LLP is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. The Law Society has issued guidance on what is called Transparent Pricing, which recommends that information is made available to clients and potential clients about fees, outlays and costs that may be incurred when instructing us. The Guidance is in place for all firms in Scotland that offer legal services to consumers/private clients.

We have provided some examples of pricing for the range of services we offer. These are only examples, not definitive costs. This is because each legal case or transaction is unique.  Some kinds of work carry a fixed fee, others are calculated by a scale or unit cost varying with the amount of time or other effort that is appropriate for the completion of the case or transaction. Outlays are charged over and above the legal fees and are costs paid out by the Firm on behalf of the client to other companies, offices, organisations – e.g., the sheriff court, Registers of Scotland, search companies, local authorities and others. These charges are incurred by the client as a necessary part of the work being done. No profit is made by the firm on outlays, they are simply passed on to the client at whatever cost is charged to us.  Additionally, in some cases, a charge of 5% of the assessed fee may be charged to cover the cost of posts and incidents.  The information provided on these pages may be subject to change.  In particular, companies and organisations may increase their costs.  Accordingly, you should note that the information contained in these pages is accurate as at 1st May 2021.

We have outlined various examples below, and hope they are helpful in describing the kind of charges which may be incurred for your work.  We have also set out short descriptions of the sort of work typically carried out for each sort of transaction, which we hope are of assistance.  It is unlikely that any of the examples below exactly match your particular circumstances, however.

Clients and potential clients reading this Price Transparency material should contact one of our solicitors to discuss the work to be done and any other preliminary matters.

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I would like to put on record my gratitude for your personal skill and determination to achieve this result for us…. We depended greatly on your advice, your advocacy and the efficiency of your firm. Throughout you have helped to reinforce the principles of fairness, efficacy and trust. Very many thanks.

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